Public Bath【2F】

To prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia infection, the business of the public bath will be suspended for the time being.

[Business suspension period: April 10, 2020 (Fri) ~]

 •Open: 15:00〜24:00 / 06:00〜09:00
 •Fee: Free (Guest Only)

Public bath for men

Public bath for women


Vending machine
VOD Ticket Machine
 •【3〜12F】1,000 yen / night
 •【2F】wash (300 yen)dry(100 yen / 15min)
 •Including laundry detergent fee (added automatically).
PC Corner
 •【1F】Lobby (Free of charge, print out service is not available)
Smoking Corner

PC ConerPC Coner

Elevator(key card security system)Elevator(key card security system)

Smoking CornerSmoking Corner

Vending machineVending machine


Other facilities / services

Laundry Service
 •Last drop-off: 10:00am Delivery: 6:00pm the same day.(Close on Second Saturday and Holidays)
Home deliver service
 •We offer home delivery services at the front desk.