「VISTA Café」【2F】

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

We use Miyagi Prefecture's famous ingredients such as "beef tongue", "sasa-kama", and "yukina", and offer a wide variety of menus, from the chef's original creations to standard menus.

For the side dishes of the day, we consider the balance between cold and hot dishes according to the season and climate. In addition, the seafood menu unique to Tohoku uses salmon from Miyagi Prefecture, mackerel and sardines from Sanriku. We also offer dishes that can be enjoyed every day by guests staying for multiple nights.

Original menu "beef tongue chazuke"

| Hotel Vista Sendai's original creative menu |

Sendai's specialty, beef tongue, is made into "Shigure-ni". (Ginger-Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce)

Hitomebore rice from Miyagi Prefecture, which has a good balance of umami and aroma, is topped with shigure boiled, poured with a special handmade soup stock, and finally sesame, wasabi, and sansho pepper are added to your liking.

Standard menu

| Beef tongue curry |

Speaking of Vista Sendai, this is the standard menu since its opening.

It goes well with Hitomebore rice from Miyagi Prefecture, and is popular with a wide range of customers regardless of age or gender.

| Sasa-kamaboko |

Miyagi Prefecture's famous bamboo leaf-shaped grilled kamaboko (made from fish)

Sasa-kamaboko, a standard souvenir, is a dish that cannot be found in breakfast buffets in other regions.

| Croissants baked at the hotel |

Our croissants are baked in the hotel.

It is also recommended for customers who like western food, such as the mellow taste of "Zao cream cheese", Iwate prefecture's "Iwaizumi yogurt", and the original blended coffee developed jointly with the local "Hattori coffee".

| gorgeous dim sum |

A wide variety of dim sum is served at the buffet.

The recommended green leaf gyoza uses the local vegetable "Yukina", and you can enjoy the characteristic crunchy texture.
Yukina is a native species grown in the suburbs of Sendai City, and has been loved for a long time because of its slightly thick, round-shaped leaves that have a refreshing texture and rich flavor.

Restaurant Information

VenueThe Second floor of the hotel [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours7:00-10:00(L.O.9:30)
PriceAdult 1,650 yen (Including tax), Child 900 yen (Including tax)

The large table of Vista Café is made from a single piece of oak, which has excellent strength and durability, and has a total weight of 400 kg.
Spend a pleasant morning while enjoying breakfast at the spacious table with beautiful luster.